Walking Trails

We offer paved and unpaved trails for walkers at Portage Park, Tioga Beach, and Blackwater Environmental Area.
Portage Park offers a half-mile paved loop around the perimeter of the park that provides access to the Bass Brook Wildlife Management Area (WMA) for additional 2.5 miles of unpaved trails. There are two parking lots to access these trails, one at Portage Park itself, and the other provides access to the WMA along Lake Street, near the County Road 63/Lake Street intersection.
Tioga Beach offers a half-mile paved down and back trail, but that trail allows you to continue along County Road 63 on a paved trail that connects to other paved trails in Grand Rapids.
Blackwater Environmental Area offers a one-mile multi-use section of trail that is mostly unpaved and follows the cross-country ski trail. Most of the walking trail follows the “Zeke’s Return” trail.