Hiking Trails

We offer different unpaved hiking trails with various lengths.


North Country Hiking Trail runs through Cohasset. This system is part of the North Country National Scenic Trail that provides hiking trails over 4,800 miles from North Dakota to Vermont. Our section of trail covers about seven miles and is mostly along County Road 63, but new trail is being constructed to get hikers into the woods. Our new section in the woods leaves Tioga Beach and goes westward one mile to County Road 17. We hope to get more wooded sections made the summer of 2023, so keep watching for map updates as that trail progresses!
Tioga Recreation Area allows hiking, but you should be aware of the biking activities there. You should hike the direction of biking (no wrong-way hiking). The Haul Roads are the safest for hiking; they are the wide road-like trails that loop through Tioga Rec and cover about two miles.
Portage Park offers access to the Bass Brook Wildlife Management Area (WMA) for 2.5 miles of unpaved hiking trails. There are two parking lots to access these trails, one at Portage Park itself, and the other allows you to enter in the WMA along Lake Street, near the County Road 63/Lake Street intersection.